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  • The Rose is a Rose is a Rose

    by Pantfant 2017-04-11 17:23:23

    Rose struggled against the restraints on the bed. Her arms were cuffed to the corners above her head, her legs to the bottom corners, leaving her spread out and unable to move. She looked around the room. She was naked, fully exposed to any onlookers. However, there hadn't been any. Not for the last twenty or so minutes. She struggled to use her ears to hear anything, and every now and then could hear creaks coming from the rest of the house, but she couldn't be sure what they were. All at once, the door to the room opened, causing Rose to gasp in surprise.

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  • Mornings Don't Have to Suck

    by Octfucfs 2017-04-11 17:23:23

    olin woke up to the beeping of his alarm clock. Another six AM morning. He was tempted to just snooze it and roll back over to sleep, but after a moment of groggy thought, he sat up and turned the alarm off. He had to be at work for seven, and it was already a forty minute drive, so he didn't have a lot of time to spare. He quickly looked over to the other side of the bed and smiled at the cute rabbit asleep there.

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  • Zaria's Show

    by LazBluvvr 2017-04-11 17:23:23

    She checked her room one last time. Every pillow and blanket was clean and in its proper place. Every toy and bottle of lube was warm and easy to reach. The lighting was perfect. Showtime. The anthro zebra turned on her camera and watched the chatroom instantly respond with dozens of her best fans all cheering and posting various emojis, lewd comments, and donation messages.

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  • I Love Tile

    by XMaxd 2017-04-11 17:23:23

    I love tile. Is that weird? I mean, sure just by itself tile is kind of boring. Cold, hard, and easy to clean. But those properties are exactly why I find tile in all my favorite places: locker rooms, shower stalls, and public restrooms. I guess I should explain myself a little bit. My name’s Jasper, and I’m a sophomore in college. I guess I’m the kind of guy who easily blends in with the background. I’m an anthro husky dog, and my pattern of gray and white isn’t even particularly striking. Both my irises are the same plain shade of brown. I’m average height and weight, shy, and happy to be ignored. Most of the time.

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  • Elf in October

    by Fetshfrk 2017-04-11 17:23:23

    Vinaya shook her petite right leg to get a stray twig out of it, and cursed at the trees again. Well, it was actually a good thing that there were so many shrubs and branches right here, because it made her short, mottled brown fur blend in completely with the undergrowth. And truthfully she could never really curse the trees. She was half tree elf herself, so usually the vegetation obeyed her without too much trouble. Then there were times like these when it seemed her other half -- anthro white-tailed deer -- made the leafy greens all nervous and troublesome. Ugh. She just wanted to get a good look at the watering hole without being noticed. Was that too much to ask?

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